Bringing home evocative pieces of wood from walk on the beach.... Studying flower arranging in Japan, and learning to see the lines and the space they create with a new eye....Building a cabin, and not wanting to stop building....

Kingsbury StudioSays Kingsbury, "The threads are many. Their intertwining finds me at a critical juncture of creating functional art with my hands and time. Time spent turning over an unusual branch, stopping, shifting and turning again until the blur clears suddenly into sharp focusand the branch tells me what it wants to become."


Furniture as an Art Form
One of the chairFound Wood Furniture products coalesce far from the mill and factory. Each branch is hand-picked, dried, and placed with intention. Each finished piece is a joyful act of improvisation (essential when using unmilled lumber) and the crafter's highlighting of the extraordinary.

In this style of rustic furniture, the assymmetrical forms entice you to interact with tree, the crafter, perhaps even yourself.

In short: you'll never
see anything like it again. Ever.

"In the art
of the Orient
of design is
considered fatal
to the
of the

-Okakura Kakuzo-
The Book Of Tea
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